Preserving Value, Redesigning Waste.

GreenMed's aims to minimise the growing amount of wasted clinical & hospital waste headed to landfill throughout Australia. Our Keep me in the loop® program achieves this by utilising recovered material and redesigning it into new products developed specifically for use in healthcare and mitigating the need for further production and purchase of single use plastic products from fossil fuels.

We are inviting you to join us in making the shift toward a clean, green resource strategy for the healthcare across Australia.

GreenMed was established in response to a need for improved hospital and clinical waste solutions.  

The basis of our philosophy preserving value, redesigning waste® is grounded in our desire to facilitate healthcare providers to improve their environmental footprint.

We do this by engaging local businesses and transitioning away from the traditional linear ‘take, make, waste’ model that is common standard for clinical facilities across Australia.

GreenMed are proudly leading the way, offering a 100% closed loop and fully transparent model for healthcare waste in Australia - Keep me in the loop®

A hospital operating theatre.
Circular economy - make, use and recycle

GreenMed has established a circular economy, as defined by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation:

‘Underpinned by a transition to renewable energy sources, the circular model builds economic, natural, and social capital’.

It is based on three principles:

  • design out waste and pollution
  • keep products and materials in use
  • regenerate natural systems.

Time for change

It is time to change the optics on how single use clinical plastics are viewed. In order to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and single use plastics we need to re-create and extend the value of what we have already produced.

• By capturing and recycling clean hospital plastic waste, we minimise the impact on our local environment by removing complete product streams from landfill.
• Contribute to local economies via our engagement with local business and provide an Australian based manufacturing options for hospitals to purchase locally.

For example, the collection, processing and recycling of blue 'sterilisation wrap', provides an ideal medium for producing high quality manufactured plastic products.

This process requires;
• No water use,
• Releases no chemicals or toxins,
• Is only responsible for a small energy and transport footprint.

Our aim is to create products that can be recollected and re-recycled indefinitely, ensuring that we achieve the greatest ‘bang for our environmental buck’ in hospital plastic use right here in Australia.

A group of surgeons in a hospital operating theatre.

Will your hospital partner with us?

Together we can reduce wasted hospital resources, demands on landfill and reliance on fossil fuel derived, single use plastics in healthcare.

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What can we do?



Engage hospital groups and medical facilities whom share our desire to reduce the environmental burden of single use plastics in healthcare and make the shift toward a clean, green resource strategy for waste recovery in Australia's healthcare sector.



Assist hospitals to inform and establish meaningful change via the GreenMed® Keep me in the loop® program or GreenMed's environmentally conscious product solutions by fist identifying and analysing exisiting collection & recycling systems, including collections and contracts and establishing new waste recovery pathways.



Build community connections and stewardship. Our network continues to increase as we build connections with like minded businesses. Our partnerships with social enterprise employers across each state assist us with processing and preparation of sterilisation wrap for recycling as well as other materials we collect prior to final transportation and re-designation into new, functional, high volume plastic products for use in healthcare.



Identifying specific locations for the Keep Me In The Loop® collection stations throughout hospitals such as the OR, clean up rooms, CSSD departments, wards and the waste bays. Our receptacles are one of the greenest choices available and have been specifically selected for their suitability for the collection of bulky sterilisation tray wrap for recycling. GreenMed® will provide 'train the trainer' style education resources for the use of these bins and our process to ensure each site will be equipped with ‘Champions’ to foster our Keep Me In The Loop® message and ensure diversion from landfill is maximised.



We make it easy, providing a single point of contact for your facility to engage the economic, social and environmental benefits of our circular waste recovery model for healthcare. GreenMed® are always looking for novel ways to utilise the captured raw material we recover and are excited to partner with hospitals to develop new, practical and customised product lines that benefit both the user and the environment.

GreenMed® can provide greener, more sustainable product choices for your healthcare facility.


Agreement & Sign Up

Once your requirements have been identified and terms are in place, thats it.

  • Begin collection
  • Purchase green
  • Close the loop
  • Celebrate the diversion of wasted plastic resource

How will we do it?



Reduce clean clinical waste going into landfill. We start by diverting and recycling sterilisation wrap to be redesigned and recreated. The recreation of this product and the subsequent market of recycled and recyclable clinical products has a significant flow on effect.

  • Replacing currently used SUP (single use plastic) products, common across every healthcare facility in Australia. Ask us how...
  • Reducing our reliance on petroleum derived plastics.
  • Establishing effective waste streams to catch this undervalued resource.

GreenMed® are proudly the only 100% closed loop, fully transparent model for healthcare waste in Australia.



GreenMed® shines a light on possibilities in healthcare waste. Once created, many plastics from healthcare have the ability to be recreated and repurposed far beyond the single use application that is so commonplace in our world. The medical system has the opportunity to lead the way with a closed loop consumption of plastics for clinical use, showcasing what is possible in the use of recycled plastics for healthcare and beyond.



Empower individuals with the knowledge and understanding to make a real difference. Share the value of separation and capture of plastics in healthcare. How this can be easily achieved with the directed support and resources into our loop, repurposing for a multitude of uses including clinical products. We include staff in the development of workplace specific product development to grow the Keep Me In The Loop® recycled product groundswell, while developing an understanding of our circular model and its economic, social and environmental benefits.



Establish or enhance collection streams, capturing and diverting clean plastic materials from Australia's healthcare sector.



Redesign and produce products that are practical, purposeful and most importantly, recyclable, providing hospitals a means to purchase back their captured, diverted and recreated plastic waste, extending life and value indefinitely.



The GreenMed Keep Me In The Loop® program is available to all hospital and healthcare facilities with a desire to make meaningful and sustainable change within their organisations from 2022 on.

Our partners


MPW is expanding its operational footprint to include a purpose-built plastic recycling and injection moulding facility, to grow circular economies and reduce plastic entering the environment, by focusing on local manufacture of existing and new products with a higher content of recycled plastic.

Helping to sustainably improve Australia’s environmental footprint by collecting, recycling and remanufacturing waste plastic into 2nd life products by ‘Closing the Loop’.

Ability Enterprises

Ability Enterprises is a not-for-profit, social enterprise providing meaningful employment opportunities to marginalised individuals living in regional Queensland.

Through strategic community and corporate partnerships, we provide a social enterprise vehicle to support people living with mental illness.

Eco Defend

PPE for people who care about human AND environmental health. Ecodefend's PPE is made of organic material which breaks down into compostable material quickly with ZERO microplastic waste.

GreenMed are proud to offer Australia's first fully sustainable face mask to the healthcare sector.

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We are on a mission to change the way we all use resources and the choices we make. If you would like to discuss anything you have read, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would love to partner with you as we preserve value, redefining waste.
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